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Mountain High’s Los Angeles Marketing Campaign


Is this one of the most monumental resort youth marketing campaigns ever?



Now the the campaign is complete, I invite you to decide for yourself...



1. A New Professional Team

In order to develop a new youth marketing campaign, I needed a new professional snowboard team. I wanted to build a team of riders who were predominately made up of locals along with some regional US talent who could all help showcase Mountain High’s SoCal style park. I turned to Marc Frank Montoya, Cory Cronk, Kyle Lopiccolo, Spencer Link, Trever Haas, Harrison Gordon, Nick Visconti and Ryan Paul to make this happen.

The New Mountain High Team Announcement

2. The Los Angeles Terrain Park Features Concept

I was really inspired by how close Mountain High is to Los Angeles and how relevant the urban culture is at this particular mountain resort. When I started planing this new marketing concept and thinking about how to connect the city to the mountain, this whole idea unfolded as if it was meant to be.

The Concert Hall Handrail – The Concert Hall is at 111 South Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles, California and it has some insane handrails that snowboarders and skateboarders alike have dreamed of having the opportunity to slide. Mountain High is replicating the huge down-flat-down rail and placing this iconic feature in their terrain park.

The Hollywood Wallride – There may be no more iconic feature in Los Angeles than the Hollywood sign. In a more conceptual move, Mountain High has recreated this infamous sign on a massive 24 by 40 foot wallride which is set up for multiple approach and trick options for intermediate to expert snowboarders in their terrain park.

The LA Convention Center Rail & Ledge – In the middle of the revitalization of the City of Los Angeles sits the Staples Center and LA Convention Center complex and a ridiculous number of skate-style features. Mountain High chose the Convention Center rail and ledge to recreate and bring to the mountain and into their terrain park.

The Wedge Quarterpipe – Just south of Los Angeles sits the Wedge, a world-famous surfing spot located at the in Newport Beach, California. During a south swell this iconic surf break can produce huge waves up to 30 feet high. In another conceptual move, Mountain High puts its new 18 foot Zaugg Transition Cutter to work to recreate the Wedge as a massive quarterpipe in their terrain park.

3. The Los Angeles Terrain Park Features Construction

With the concept in place, it was time for the contraction of the actual new terrain park features.

The Los Angeles Terrain Park Features Announcement

4. The Los Angeles Terrain Park Features Ad Campaign

This advertising campaign was created to promote the fact that the new terrain park features where coming to Mountain High and to give snowboarders their first hint that a major movie project was in the works and would be coming in just about a year.

Click here to see the four piece Los Angeles Features Ad Campaign

5. Los Angeles The Movie Promotions

Leading up to the release of the movie, we began to tease the project and we established Mountain High as a legitimate online video content provider with the 9 episode Drive In series all to set up a successful movie release.

The First Teaser For Los Angeles

Mtn High Team Video Announcement from Matt Devino on Vimeo.

Drive In Episode 2.3

Mountain High Drive in 2012 Episode 3 from Matt Devino on Vimeo.

6. Los Angeles The Movie

With the new team in place and the Los Angeles features now in the park, it was time to spend the season filming and editing a full-length snowboard movie.

A Great Article About The Making Of Los Angeles In Blisss Magazine

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area whether that be in Venice, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown, East LA or anywhere around and in between, then Mountain High is in your backyard and it’s just a short drive to find the snow. This movie follows the new Mountain High pro team on a trip to mountain and an insanely fun season of snowboarding with wild times and proper tricks going down in what is one of the best terrain parks in the nation. Mountain High’s first feature film is directed by, Matt Devino, produced by, Brad Farmer and stars, Cory Cronk, Kyle Lopiccolo, Spencer Link, Harrison Gordon, Trever Haas, Nick Visconti, Ryan Paul, Marc Frank Montoya and all of their friends such as Trevor Jacob, Scott Blum, Jussi Oksanen, Ian Thorley, Mitch Richmond, Ian Sams, Jager Bailey and Yale Cousino just to name a few.

The Official Los Angeles Movie Trailer

Los Angeles – A Mountain High Movie (Teaser) from Matt Devino on Vimeo.


Mountain High Presents: LOS ANGELES from Matt Devino on Vimeo.

7. Los Angeles The Movie Ad Campaign

With everything now in place, this one was the easy part…just get the team up to the mountain and have a major photo shoot on the Los Angeles terrain park features during the filming for the movie, Los Angles and develop a photo driven advertising campaign around the whole package.

Click here to see the entire four piece Los Angeles The Movie Ad Campaign.

8. The Premiere & Release

Finally, it was time to release the movie and have a huge premiere party in downtown Los Angeles.

Behind The Scenes Of Los Angeles & The Premiere

Los Angeles By The Numbers:

The New Mountain High Team Announcement: 6,000 Plays

The Los Angeles Terrain Park Features Announcement: 7,100 Plays

The First Teaser For Los Angeles: 5,923 Plays

8 Episode Drive In Series:
Mountain High Releases: 110,000 Plays
Transworld Release of episode 2.8: 12,000 Plays

The Official Los Angeles Movie Trailer:
Transworld 2 Releases: 18,000 Plays
Mountain High Release: 11,00 Plays

Transworld Only Friends Teaser Release: 8,000 Plays

Transworld Release: 22,000 Plays
Mountain High Release: 13,200 Plays
DVD’s + Pass Along: 4,000 Views
Movie Premieres: 1,000 Views

Behind The Scenes Of Los Angeles & The Premiere: 3,459 Plays

Total Los Angeles Audience: 230,000 and counting…
Total Reach Of The Los Angeles Campaign: A Big Boat Load

My 2 year experiment with Mountain High is now complete and I’m proud to say that they are now a legitimate force in the snowboarding youth market. I hope they will continue on the path I have laid out but either way, I proved it could be done.

Special thanks to Matt Devino, Karl Kapuscinski, John McColly, Kim Hermon, Ben Smith and Justin Montoya, without their help and support, this would not have been possible.

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