Marketing Farmer Services

Marketing Farmer is a complete marketing agency that can provide a variety of marketing services to clients specializing in modern strategic online marketing and social media, product marketing, promotions, events, public relations and athlete management.


Online Marketing Services

Marketing Farmer can guide you through the complex web of online marketing and set you up on an effective plan to build your brand and thus build your sales.

As the main platform for your entire online marketing strategy, it’s vital to get your home built right. If you need a new website, we can recommend the best developers and services to help you get exactly what you need and help you avoid paying for what you don’t need.

Search Engine Optimization
How your online marketing plan is presented to search engines is of massive importance to customers finding you, your business and your products. We can set you on a plan to integrate all of the factors contributing to great SEO and have you dominating the top of Google.

Online Campaign
A comprehensive and consistent plan across all web platforms, networks and potential advertisers is very important in modern marketing efforts.

Web Direct
Controlling your own information distribution and marketing directly via email marketing can be a very powerful tool.

Social Media
This has become the most important online marketing initiative and is now key to SEO efforts and can have a profound effect on direct sales. Which networks are most important? All of them, and for very different reasons. If you win on social media by using each outlet tool effectively, you can win in social interaction and will in sales.

Social Advertising
What works and what doesn’t? This quickly evolving advertising front can be very confusing and tricky to get right. We can guid you into affordable and effect social advertising.

Google Adwords
The constantly evolving world of Google search advertising can be overwhelming and very difficult to get right but if executed effectively can lead to considerable online sales.

When someone visits your site and doesn’t buy, is that the end of the line? No way, win them back with effective remarketing.

Content Development
Developing compelling content to generate social interaction is a massive challenge for any new brand but nail it and you’ll see your networks grow fast and you’ll convert them to buyers.

Understanding your online efforts is more than just looking at follower numbers. Analyzing and making decisions based on your Google and Social analytics is an art form that can speak volumes about your current and potential customers.


Public Relations


Team Management

What to build a professional sports team to represent your brand or products but don’t have the slightest idea as to how to go about it? Marketing Farmer can guide you through athlete selection, contract negotiation and complete team management once you team is built. There is no better way to get the media content you need to help expand your networks and to give your business or product immediate legitimacy in the marketplace.