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The First One-Foot Double Backflip

Scotty Vine Nails The First Ever One-Foot Double Backflip

Los Angeles CA – May 15, 2013 – Marketing Farmer managed professional snowboarder, Scotty Vine landed a perfect one-foot double backflip on Friday, May 10, 2013 at Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 17 event at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.

The stage was set…the jump was perfect, Vine was in good health and of very sound mind all week and this particular trick had been in his sights for two years. The question had to be…was it even possible to complete two consecutive back flip rotations with his back foot out of his binding? Not only was it possible but Vine accomplished this feat with amazing style, grabbing nose all the way through, poking it out, landing it absolutely perfectly and riding away likely with the largest smile that had ever spread across his face. He nailed it!

SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Superpark 17 presnted by Gatorade – Day 5 video from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

“When I decided to learn the one-foot double backflip, I started by practicing one-foot singles with a nose grab such as doing about 30 of them one day at Boreal Mountain. That’s when I really memorized the motion. After waiting for two years to find the perfect jump for my attempt, I  finally found it at Superpark 17. A few warm-up single backflip attempts gave me the right momentum and body posture to hold for the take-off. After getting used to the momentum on the jump the day before, I had to commit to popping harder by ‘guestimating’ the rotation of the double to the landing. I was convinced a nose grab would work as long as my back leg controlled the flips. I landed it on my first try which established my confidence, but I wasn’t happy with the style or the landing. On my seventh attempt, I got it as close as I could to perfect. I’m pretty high on life right now – just genuinely stoked!”

Vine is known for his one-foot tricks such as the back lip, front board, back 3 tail, back flip nose and pulling the first ever front 7 and of course now the double back nose. He’s also known for several two-foot tricks including the frontside rodeo seven hand plant, frontside spins with double shifties, inventing the Pickpocket grab (front hand Tindy grab behind the back) as well as the frontside Truckdriver 10 and 14 off his toes. The other amazing thing about Vine is that he’s doing these tricks on very aggressive rails and Superpark sized jumps.

“I’ve known what Scotty Vine is capable of ever since we basically had to sneak him into Superpark 9 at the age of 17-years-old,” says Marketing Farmer’s, Brad Farmer. “I’ve recently taken on the management roll for Scotty because I know if I can help find him the right sponsorship support, there is nothing he can’t achieve in snowboarding. He is a unique character on his own mission to discover what is possible in the sport and I have no doubt he’ll continue to push the level for years to come.”

Scotty Vine is currently sponsored by Arbor Snowboards, Bear Mountain, Drift Innovation Cameras, Sandbox Helmets, and Flux Bindings. Parties interested in building partnerships with Scotty Vine can contact Brad Farmer at [email protected].

About Marketing Farmer:
Marketing Farmer was created in 2001 and offers a wide variety of sports marketing services. Clients have included Arbor Snowboards, Arbor Skateboards, Arbor Apparel, Flux Bindings, Mountain High Resort, Stevens Pass Resort, Bear Mountain Resort as well as FUELTV and ESPN Action Sports for editorial services. Marketing Farmer currently manages only select professional snowboarders including Scotty Vine and Erik Leon.

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