Cannabis Marketing



Why Marketing Farmer?
We are a full service agency with 17 years experience in real-world marketing strategy and we know how to put businesses on a plan for success. Much of our history comes from the action sports industry so you can count on the fact that we know how to brand your business and make it legit within your industry.  This extensive non-cannabis industry know-how combined with our new experiences directly in cannabis farming, manufacturing and retail puts us in a position to help you find success in this new legal world.

Marketing Farmer Services:
•    We are fully scalable to your needs as we work with only the best independent marketing professionals including graphic designers, web developers, SEO experts, social media managers, photographers, videographers, printers, packagers, etc.
•    One of our new specialties is helping new retailers get their branding and marketing plan right to succeed in a market that will have growing competition. We will help you stand out from the rest!
•    We can offer everything from a full marketing plan to get you started to a fully implemented strategy with activation and continued execution.

*Below is an example of the kinds of services we offer. After an evaluation of your business, will customize a proposal tailored to your specific marketing needs.

Most Popular Option – Complete marketing plan and initial implementation with regular maintenance.

We will develop a complete marketing plan to get your new business on a strategy for success including all of the key segments in the outline below. We would then help you implement your strategy and provide any necessary training to get staff and managers up to speed. We would then offer regular maintenance on your plans implementation including updates on systems and technology and offer an outside perspective on the evolving marketing business of cannabis.

Naming & Branding

Getting the look and feel of your brand right the first time is key to your success in a very competitive market. Logos, slogans, imagery, packaging, merchandise, promo-items, etc. are all our important and we are the experts.
Farm, Product, Dispensary Name – You need a name that is unforgettable and scaleable as your business grows.
Logo/Icon – You need a modern mark that leaves a lasting impression and is simple to use everywhere.
Slogan – Define your brand with an unforgettable tag.

Dispensary Specific Retail Marketing

We can evaluate your shop space and recommend floor plans that optimize traffic flow and your customer to employee experience from the moment they enter to their exit. The effort is to drive max sales with each customer visit with proper merchandising and staff process.

We will help you build a website that exemplifies your brand in a easy to use and convenient online shopping experience. Whether customers are ordering for in-store pickup or delivery, a quick and hassle free experience is key to success.

We have been researching cannabis business specific POS systems that will effectively operate your in-store, delivery services including inventory management and we can help you select the right one.

Loyalty Applications
Integrating direct marketing into your sales efforts is very important with use of email newsletters, SMS and insider information and specials. You can drive sales on the daily and never lose contact with your customers.

Operating Budget
We will define monthly operating budget for fees associated with website, POS and other applications.

Online Marketing

We will help you build a website that exemplifies your brand in a easy to use and convenient online shopping experience.

Cannabis Specific Platforms
Integrating applications such as Weedmaps and Leafly into you online marketing will help customers find you quickly. How these services integrate with your website is key.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How your online marketing plan is presented to search engines is of massive importance to customers finding you, your business and your products. We can set you on a plan to integrate all of the factors contributing to great SEO and have you dominating the top of Google and other search engines.

Online Campaign
A comprehensive and consistent strategy across all web platforms, networks and potential advertisers is very important in modern marketing efforts.

Social Media
This has become the most important online marketing initiative and is now key to SEO efforts and can have a profound effect on direct sales. Which networks are most important? All of them, and for very different reasons. If you win on social media by using each outlet tool effectively, you can win in social interaction and win in sales.

Content Development
Developing compelling content to generate social interaction is a massive challenge for any new brand but nail it and you’ll see your networks grow fast and you’ll convert them to buyers. We are experts in content development and can have you engaging new customers.

Analytics & Tracking
Understanding your online efforts is more than just looking at follower numbers. Analyzing and making decisions based on your Google and Social analytics is an art form that can speak volumes about your current and potential customers.

Social Influencers
Connecting with social influencers and using their networks to your yours is key to success in this evolving online world. California is the epicenter of some of the worlds top influencers. Let’s get the right ones working for you.

Online Advertising
Deeper online advertising could be an effective strategy as competition increases, with the expansion of the business and/or new product developments.

When someone visits your website and doesn’t buy, is that the end of the line? No way, win them back with effective remarketing.

Social Advertising
What works and what doesn’t? This quickly evolving advertising front can be very confusing and tricky to get right. We can guid you into affordable and effect social advertising.

Google Adwords
The constantly evolving world of Google search advertising can be overwhelming and very difficult to get right but if executed effectively can lead to considerable online sales.

Traditional Marketing

Consumer Marketing
Perhaps the most important part of marketing and often the most overlooked. Who is your customer and how can you most effectively reach them? If you don’t know your customer, how could you possibly market to them? You can never assume you know. Through customer evaluations, surveys and analytics, we can help you define who your customer really is.

We can help you select the best advertising options to drive customers to you and thus deliver sales. We know what you should pay for advertising and can help prevent wasted dollars in negotiating buys.

Promotional Marketing
What kind of promotions really work? If you run the wrong types of specials, deals and/or sales, you could be loosing money. We can show you how not to discount to customers who would pay full price. Promotions don’t have to be discounts to be successful. Increase sales and income with promotions unique promotions that deliver experiences.

Merch Program
If you have the right name, logo and slogan, a merchandise program is an obvious additional profit center. In order for your march program to be successful, you have to be on top of the latest fashion trends and thus offer a selection of items your customers won’t leave your store without.

Marketing Budget
As part of the marketing plan, we will set an annual budget for you based on final advertising decisions.

Once we have agreed on a detailed marketing plan and strategy, we will assist you in the implementation.


Tracking & Reporting
We will regularly track and analyze each of the initiatives in your marketing strategy and systems. We will provide quarterly analytics reports with suggested tweaks and changes to keep your plan running efficiently and effectively.

Industry Engagement
We are out and engaged in the cannabis world continuing to learn including following the latest industry trends and will report latest and greatest ways to constantly improve your business.

Industry Analytics
As this industry continues to quickly evolve, we will be analyzing consumer trend reports from California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado and reporting back and suggesting business and marketing changes based on our analysis.

Other Add-On Options:
Business Development – New Venture Opportunities
Venture Capital Plans
Event Marketing
Public Relations

If you can name it, in marketing, we can provide it!