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Lucid Introduces Spread The Shade Give Back Program

Spread The Shade – Every Pair Of Lucid Eyewear Sunglasses Sold Helps A Child In Need
Spreading the hope of a child’s future with the protective shade of a sleeping net.

Los Angeles, CA – November 25, 2014 – Together with their customers, Lucid Eyewear is giving back by providing a sleeping net to a child in need with each pair of sunglasses sold. “The positive impact we can have on a child’s life didn’t fully hit me until we went to Africa on our first Spread the Shade mission,” says Lucid Founder/President, Mark Reininga. “These kids have dreams and aspirations and to have that taken away by a disease like Malaria is senseless when a simple sleeping net can prevent it. When you watch the Spread the Shade video, you can see the joy and the love in these kid’s eyes and heats and you can help that live on by wearing Lucid Sunglasses. Together, we truly can make difference.”

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The Deadly Problem:
In Africa, a child dies from malaria every minute. The African communities most effected by this terrible disease are often the poorest and a majority of the children are under five years old. These two factors lead to a perpetual cycle of young children dying do to a lack of resources to buy protective nets.

The Seemingly Simple Solution:
Each child needs a long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN). It’s Lucid’s goal of spreading the hope of a child’s future with the protective shade of sleeping net. A simple sleeping net is the most effective means of preventing mosquito bites and the malaria disease.

Why Is This Happening?

More Nets Are Desperately Needed
780 million people are at risk and need access to LLINs. Currently only about 66 out of 150 million bed nets needed each year are being delivered.

Mostly Children Are Dying
More than one million people die from malaria each year and 70% of those are children under the age of five. It’s also the number one killer of pregnant women.

The Poverty & Malaria Link
The highest rates of malaria are present in communities existing in extreme poverty where many families live on less than $1.25 per day.

How Spread The Shade Works:
1. Caring & Giving
Working directly with the Kedesh Orphanage in Mozambique, Africa, we will supply our protective sleeping nets to children in need.

2. Continued Support
Our goal is to partner with hundreds of orphanages around the world and to provide continued support and education as this program grows.

3. The Hope of a Future
Together with our customers, we give each of these children a protective sleeping net and with it the hope of a future.

Spread The Shade

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ABOUT LUCID EYEWEAR: Lucid Eyewear was established in 2013 with mission to design, develop and deliver high quality products that help define individuals through lifestyle, culture, music, fashion and desire. The Lucid passion is to positively influence the world by directly giving back with each, and every, product that is sold. For more information on Lucid Eyewear click here!

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